Outdoor UW "Trivia Night" Hike

Tuesday, Jan 19, 2021 (5:00 pm - 6:00 pm)

Open for sign up
Leader: Jillian Griffis

Event Information


Feeling isolated? Join Outdoor UW in a "trivia night" hike along UW's lakeshore path. We will be walking and competing for bragging rights during this small, socially distanced group event. We'll meet outside of Outdoor UW at Memorial Union just before 5:00 PM and we'll set off to the West along lakeshore path. Bring headlamp or flashlight if you have one, appropriate clothes for the weather, and wear your mask as we enjoy some socially distanced outdoor time together!

Event Type
Social Event (for prospective and club members)
Cancellation, Reschedule, and Refund Information
Participants will be emailed in advance if weather or other conditions would lead to cancelling of this event.
Equipment/ Gear Required by Participant
Layer up your clothes and bring a headlamp or flashlight.
Food and Equipment Information
No food provided.
Safety plan information to be shared with attendees:
Wear a mask and do your best to socially distance from those outside your group.
Sanitation plan for any equipment used during the event:
(not set)


There are 10 people in this event, with 0 spots remaining.