OutdoorUW Crane Operations

Thursday, Jun 2, 2022 (12:00 pm - 6:00 pm)

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Leader: Mills Botham

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Please sign up for this event if you are intersted in lifting in your boat with OutdoorUW. You will be expected to provide your boat information so that we can determine that your boat fits within the crane limitations (<9000lb, <6ft draft). Once we have your contact and boat informatoin we will reach out and provide you with a scheduling mechanism. 

This operation (Spring 2021) is for OutdoorUW Rental customers and Community participants. 

Signing up or this is NOT a garauntee we will put your boat in the water. 

Due to COVID-19 related concerns we will be sending out a scheudling mechanism for owners to select a time-slot for lifting in. This will reduce any unneccasry congregation on-site and congestion of trailering equpment. Please work to ensure you bring only neccesary inividuals to help with your launching and rigging. We will only provide the crane operator

Lift-in schedule will be made based on quantity of boats and will follow the following pattern. Boats with lifting straps in the AM Sat/Sun, and boats requiring a bridal in the PM. 

Only register one person per boat

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Educational Event (passive learning, no rating)
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