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SUPSquatch Rental

Tuesday, Jun 6, 2023 (1:00 pm - 2:15 pm)

Payment Options:
SUPSquatch Rental
SUPSquatch Rental + 1 Locker Rental
SUPSquatch Rental + 2 Locker Rentals
Leader: Outdoor UW Manager

Event Information


This reservation is for a SUPSquatch rental (3-8 person paddleboard) for 1 hour. If you would like to go out for more than 1 hour or during a different time than the reservation posting, please contact our office at 608-262-1630. One person from the party will sign up here and pay the full $40. You can split this cost later amongst yourselves, but the full $40 must be paid by one person. If you would like to rent a single-person craft (Solo Kayak or Stand-Up Paddleboard) or a two-person craft (Tandem Kayak or Canoe), please check our rental calendar for alternate options.  

  1. Complete your reservation before arriving 
    • Payment will be required
    • A waiver will be signed
      • For any other members of the party, they will need to sign a paper waiver in our office upon arrival. The person whose name the reservation is under will have already signed the waiver online by reserving the craft.
    • Review our cancellation policy
  2. Arrive to the Outdoor UW Office
    • The office is located in the lower level overlooking the lake front on the west side of the building.  
    • Additional directions and information will be sent in a confirmation email. 
    • Arrive early if you plan to change, use the bathroom, or rent a locker.  Locker rentals are available for $1 through our front desk (or at the time of your rental reservation)
  3. Let's Paddle!
    • Our team will help you gear up and provide a safety orientation. 
  4. Return your boat
    • Reservations are for one hour.  Should you want a longer time period, please contact our office at 608-262-1630.
    • Our staff will help you exit your boat and put away your equipment.  
    • Don't forget to visit the terrace for food and drinks after!

Participants under 18:
All participants under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian so that they can sign the child's waiver. If there are any children under the age of 16, we require that there are at least 2 adults on the craft as well in order to maneuver the craft properly.
Participants over 18:
We require that there are at least 3 people on the board (at least 2 adults if some of the participants are under 16). The board can accommodate up to 8 people.

Event Type
Cancellation, Reschedule, and Refund Information
Cancellations made 24 hours in advance will receive a full refund. No-show reservations will not receive a refund. You may reschedule for a different day/time by following the directions at the end of this paragraph, as long as you contact us before the start time of your reservation. In the event of inclement weather or wind, we will make every attempt to contact you before you arrive. All weather calls may be rescheduled or you will receive a full refund. Please call Outdoor UW at (608) 262-1630 or email to cancel or to reschedule.
Equipment/ Gear Required by Participant
Outdoor UW will provide life jackets, which must be worn during the entirety of a rental. We will also provide paddles for each renter to use. Each renter is responsible for keeping track of the time during their rental, and any personal safety equipment (sunscreen, PPE, etc.), or form of hydration. We do not allow alcohol on our crafts or consumption of alcohol/drugs prior to rental. We reserve the right to turn away any renters who we believe to have consumed alcohol in close proximity to their rental time, or who may be attempting to bring alcohol on our crafts. Lockers are available at the Outdoor UW front desk for $1.
Food and Equipment Information

Registration Count

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